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Privacy Policy

Users identity numbers, e-mail adresses, name, surname, and birth date are personal information which introduce the users clearly.

Ebusra.comusers personal informtion won’t be used except the situations defined on this secrecy policy. If the user give permission, his/her information may be shaed with the third party.

Ebusra.com takes all precautions to provide user’s secrecy and safety. Women’s dream may use other programs if it is necessary. Although ebusra.com takes all precautions, there may be cyber attacks and personal information may be captured by third party. In this situation, ebusra.com cannot be blamed and it is not responsible for it.

Users personal information can be reached by only ebusra.com and the users. User’s can update their information. If they want, ebusra.comalso can update the information.

Ebusra.com can use the informarion for promotion, advertising, measurement marketing and the works like these. It also can use for increasing the quality of service.

Personel information can be shared with judicial and managerial authority, if their wishes are suitable with our secrecy policy. Ebusra.com can share personal informaton with the other users for a good and fast communication.

Ebusra.com can obtain th user’s statistical information through a technical communication file.

Every user visit ebusra.com is accepted to read and approved the site’s privacy policy.