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Travel in Ireland, 7 Tıps For Cheap Travel In Ireland

travel in Ireland

If you want to go to travel in Ireland, but you don’t have a very big holiday budget, you will have to be tricky and avoid wasting your money. For this, I have summarized 7 tips, sometimes general, sometimes very specific to Ireland, to save your wallet.

Shoppıng At Lıdl Or Aldı

travel in Ireland

Avoid Tesco, Spar and other small convenience stores at all costs, because as in France, prices are much higher than in Lidl or Aldi. The latter have a good reputation in Ireland. You will have many choices, and very often products similar to those that we have in France, at prices of the same order also. You will be able to buy your everyday products and food, and cook peacefully where you are staying, or make sandwiches to avoid restaurants.

For Travel in Ireland, Get Your Guide

travel in Ireland

Here is a very useful application for those looking for guided tours or tour guides. GetYourGuide is a bit like the Booking.com for tours and tourist visits, it offers you many offers from different companies, guaranteeing unbeatable prices, while informing you perfectly about the conditions of the visits and what will be on the program. If you want to visit the Giant Causeway, take a guided tour in Dublin, go to the Cliffs of Moher or even go on an expedition in the hinterland, this site brings together a very wide range of offers for tours and travel with guides at the best price.

Choosing this type of tour package will therefore save you from having to rent a car, and save you gas costs, at the expense of your freedom … But you will not have to drive, and you will have a guide directly with you!

Choose Your Aırlıne Well

In order to come to Dublin, you will have the choice between Ryanair, Aer Lingus, Air France and Transavia, depending on your departure city. Ryanair is often the cheapest, and although the services on board are all chargeable, you surely prefer to save 50 € -100 € per ticket and have seats a little less comfortable I imagine, on a flight of 1h30 to 2h in depending on your departure city.

 Be careful, however, because from Paris, Ryanair departs from Paris Beauvais, Transavia from Orly and Air France from CDG. So I suggest you compare before you go (Skyscanner is the benchmark in this field) and choose the cheapest company in order to save as much as possible on your plane ticket.

PS: In terms of delays, you will be as likely to have a delay on one company as on the other, and generally Ryanair is rather on time, no less than its competitors in any case.

Stay At Lower Costs

You wanted to book a 4 star hotel? Go there, but in Dublin hotels are very expensive! So you have the Airbnb solution (Receive 30 euros for your first booking with this link), but provided you live with the locals, the prices will remain quite high. You can then go back to the youth hostels (Dublin, Galway, Cork, Belfast, etc.), with rates from € 12 per night in a 24-bed dormitory.

 Depending on your age, your budget and your expectations in terms of comfort and privacy, you can therefore choose between a hostel, AirBnB or classic hotels (Dublin, Galway, etc.). However, be careful not to take anything too far from the city center, unless you want to depend on buses or a taxi.

Travel in Ieland, Free Cıty Tours

travel in Ireland

You can decide to visit the travel in Ireland with a free guide. Yes, completely free. It is often an association of lovers of culture and sharing, who only depend on donations, the famous tips. There are more and more of them in Dublin, and they carry out their circuits on foot, in order to walk you through Dublin while making you visit the surroundings in peace. This is ideal if you like walking, want to visit Dublin for free (or at least at the cost of your donation) and want a very human and personal approach to the explanations given.

If you are interested, you can easily find this type of tours in English on this site. I also take the opportunity to also promote visits of barely € 10 made by homeless people. They will tell you their stories as well as their vision of the city of Dublin. A touching experience that I highly recommend!

Replace Taxı

In order to get around, prefer walking or the bus to a taxi. Even though taxis in Dublin are generally less expensive than in France, around 2 to 3 times cheaper, it is sometimes better to take the bus. For example, for the airport, there is the 16 or the 747, which will cost you between 3 and 5 € per person, against around 20 € to 25 € by taxi.

Of course if you are in a hurry or there are 4 of you, a taxi is possible, but to save money, avoiding taking a taxi for each trip will considerably reduce your costs. In addition, the city of Dublin is not very large so everything can be done on foot. If you still want to use a taxi, you can use the MyTaxi mobile app, or just search for a taxi on the street, there are many.

For Travel in Ireland, Choose Your Pubs And Restaurants

If you want to go to a restaurant or a pub, avoid the tourist areas. This is a common rule, but just like in France, everything that will be in the city center and around tourist places will be a little more expensive than what you will find in the more remote corners. You can also indulge in fast food, or make a sandwich with what you bought at Lidl.

It remains to be seen how much you want to prioritize savings over comfort and enjoying on vacation. Avoid chic and French restaurants, everything that does not come from the Green Island is of course much more expensive than local dishes.

If you pay attention to these, travel in Ireland will be much more economical for you. You can visit our page for places to travel.


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