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Places to Visit,Countries You Must Have Seen

places to visit

The best education finds a clever person traveling “, already knew the German writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. According to this motto, you should not spend the twenties alone in universities, but go on an expedition through the world. There are many wonderful places to visit. On the paradisiacal beaches of Thailand, on safari in South Africa or in the picturesque cities of Europe. The adventurous traveler gathers insights and memories for life while traveling.

 In the following we have put together for you the most beautiful countries of the world, which it is worth to seen during the year of life. Otherwise, yes: for an adventure, it is never too late.

1. Mexico

places to visit

Mexico City is one of the most diverse cities in the world, in which a young and courageous art scene is forming. It’s worth exploring. In addition to the city trip, there is nothing more relaxing than eating guacamole and chips in a hammock on the beach in Tulum.

2. Places to Visit: Iran

Iran’s metropolis Tehran has a vibrant and amazingly western-oriented energy. The whole country and its people are determined by hospitality as with their own family (maybe even nicer). Iran is one of the most mysterious places to visit.

3. China

places to visit

China can be traced back to one of the oldest cultures of humanity. Anyone who has ever seen the Great Wall of China knows that people can move mountains together.

4. Places to Visit: Japan

places to visit

If you get a ticket to the land of the rising sun, you have to start your journey. Here a culture of beauty and good style meets everything that is weird and down.

5. Argentina

Tango dancing in Buenos Aires, exploring the picturesque wine country of the Andes Mountains or the vast plains of Patagonia: Argentina has a lot to offer in terms of landscape and culture.

6. Russıa

places to visit

Those who love Russian literature have to make a journey in the footsteps of his heroes from “War and Peace”. Moscow and St. Petersburg are indispensable to get to know the Russian soul. Especially recommended is a trip to St. Petersburg between mid-May and late July, to experience the white nights in the city, which is also referred to as the Venice of the North.

7.Places to Visit: Indonesia

places to visit

 With eight Unesco World Heritage Sites, Indonesia is the leader of the Sight-seeing-Musts. As a balance to ruins and natural wonders, of course, the party and bathing island of Bali are places to visit.


If you still want to experience truly untouched wilderness, then you must embark on a journey of discovery through Canada. If you miss the city, then explore Toronto.


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