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Places to Travel, Countries You Must Have Seen

places to visit

Here are some of the places to travel you can enjoy .

1.Places to Travel: England

places to visit

If you have not visited London yet, you should definitely plan a city trip in 2020. There are a lot of great places to visit in England.London Eye,Tower Bridge,Buckingham Palace and many .

2.New Zealand

Island State in the Pacific Effect Ocean offers natural spectacle with meditative. The best way to plan a round trip from the tip of the South Island to the tip of the North Island.


places to visit

The neighbor is underestimated too often. At the same time, cities like Krakow live from art, theater and music. The bars and clubs of Warsaw are in no way inferior to those in Berlin. A pristine landscape and long beaches are places to travel to see the perfect balance of Poland’s vibrant cities.


From Milan via Florence and Rome to Palermo – the cities of Italy are full of art-historical treasures. In addition, the country offers beautiful steep beaches, film-rich landscapes, good food and even better fashion.

5.Places to Travel: North Amerıca

places to visit

The country captivates in the truest sense of the word by its unlimited possibility. These range from a trip through the highlights of the East and West Coast, a tour of the Grand Canyon or skiing in Aspen. PS: A visit to New York alone does not count as an America trip.


Colorful, exotic and exciting – India is a true revelation to every one of its visitors. The chaos in the big cities, the paradisiacal beaches in the south of the country and the exotic cuisine and culture, even a Bollywood film, can not make reality any more impressive.


places to visit

In the footsteps of Leonardo DiCaprio’s “The Beach” you can discover the most beautiful beaches here, to indulge in the hippie life.

8. South Africa

places to visit

Great climate, long beaches, great cuisine and excellent wines are great places to travel and make South Africa a popular destination. In addition, the country offers exciting safaris with exotic animals and breathtaking scenery.

9.Places to Travel: Spain

Who needs a change from idleness in Mallorca, visiting Spain’s most important cities. Madrid, Barcelona and Bilbao are rich in pioneering architecture and art.


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