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Lemon Water Benefits, How to Make Lemon Water?

lemon water benefits

Lemon water is not only deliciously refreshing, but also really healthy. We’ll give you 8 lemon water benefits why you should drink a glass of it daily and what you need to keep in mind when preparing.

The enjoyment of lemon water has been part of Ayurvedic dietetics for centuries. Thanks to its quick, easy preparation, it can be perfectly integrated into a healthy everyday life.  

When Should You Drink Lemon Water?

It is recommended to drink a glass of freshly prepared lemon water every morning right after getting up. Ideally, breakfast should last at least 15 minutes.   What causes lemon water? There are many good reasons to include the enjoyment of lemon water in your morning ritual. Because the lemon provides the body with healthy ingredients such as vitamin C, potassium, calcium, magnesium, citric acid and pectin.

1. Lemon Water Benefits: Hydrates Overnight

 One of the lemon water benefits is moisturizing and stores of our body empty. A glass of lemon water in the morning ensures that the liquid deposits are replenished.

2. Lemon Water Promotes Digestion:  The acid of the lemon stimulates the bile production of the liver, which in the body has a positive effect on the fat burning.

3. Lemon Water Helps With Weight Loss: Lemon water is no guarantee for weight loss. However, the dietary fiber pectin contained in the lemon restricts the absorption of fat in the body and provides a longer-lasting feeling of satiety in the stomach.

 4. Lemon Water Strengthens The İmmune System: Due to their vimatin C content lemons have anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and antioxidant properties and thus contribute to the strengthening of our immune system.

5. Lemon Water Supports İron Absorption:  If you suffer from iron deficiency, lemon water benefits are good for you.You should drink lemon juice while eating iron-containing foods. The contained vitamin C supports the absorption of minerals in the body.

lemon water benefits

6. Lemon Water Deacidifies The Body:  Although the lemon is an acid-tasting fruit, it is metabolized in the body and thus contributes to the de-acidification of the body. An effective way to prevent heartburn and bloating.

7. Lemon Water Helps Against Joint Pain: The ingredients of the lemon help to dissolve painful uric acid deposits, which are responsible for painful joints.

 8. Lemon Water Cleanses The Liver And Kidneys: The citrate contained in lemons dissolves kidney stones and prevents kidney stone formation. In addition, the liver enzymes are activated, thus stimulating the detoxification.

Lemon Water Benefits, How do you make lemon water?

The preparation of the drink is very simple. For the daily portion of lemon juice, squeeze the juice of half a lemon and mix with 250 ml of lukewarm water. It should be enjoyed lukewarm to have lemon water benefits, because the organism does not need to expend energy to warm it up to body temperature. This spares the circulation, which is not yet in motion in the morning.


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