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Acne Disease Pattern and Symptoms

acne disease

The horn plug, which clogs the passage of the sebum, is initially not visible from the outside. After a while, however, blackheads (comedones) are discovered and it can be said that there is acne disease. Some can only be felt as a small bump under the skin, the horn plug is deep and the pore is not enlarged on the surface – a closed blackhead has formed. Open blackheads, on the other hand, are easy to spot: they have a mostly black colored plug on the surface, the pore is widened. The dark color is not caused by dirt, but by the skin pigment melanin. If the blackheads appear frequently, it is called comedone acne (acne comedonica).

When acne disease starts, bacteria in the blackheads multiply and the body has reacted to it with inflammation, red pimples (papules) and pus blisters (pustules) develop. Inflammatory acne (acne papulopustulosa) has developed. If the inflammation finally spreads to the neighboring tissue, nodules appear in the skin (nodular acne or acne conglobata). They leave a scar on healing.

acne disease

Severe inflammatory acne often develops from a comedone acne in the middle of the face. For this reason, comedone acne should be taken seriously and treated in good time so that the severe forms of acne do not arise.All acne disease  should be taken seriously. At the latest when the first inflammations appear, a doctor should be consulted. Acne occurs primarily where you can see it: on the face, on the cleavage, on the back and on the outside of the upper arms. The reason is very simple – sebaceous glands are mainly found in these skin areas.

Acne Disease: Symptoms

acne disease

With acne, a small red dot or a nodule initially forms in the skin. This feels like a skin thickening. Such a blackhead (comedo) arises when the execution duct of a sebum gland in the skin becomes blocked by cornification. The sebum builds up, the blackhead is visible as a small white dot. If such a blackhead tears open, air gets into the sebum, causing the blackhead to turn black. If bacteria are added, an inflammation develops – a “flowering” pimple develops.

You should see a dermatologist (dermatologist) if you experience acne disease and have the following symptoms:

  • Big, sore pimples
  • Sudden deterioration in the complexion
  • Severe psychological stress from the pimples
  • Acne scars


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