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Women’s Haircut Styles, Haircut Styles 2019

womens haircut styles

Woman’s always want to have showy and bright hair. It is important to leave a good image on the opposite side. Thanks to these women’s haircut styles which are beautiful than each other, you’ll be trendy. Many models ranging from extended forelocks to volume gaining cuts. Let’s read these.

women’s hair cut for thin hair

1-) Texture Lob Women’s Haircut Styles

The scattered and long tufts of lobed hair ending under the shoulder are among the most popular models of this season. Last season, hair over shoulder height, this time went below the shoulder level. The most spectacular model is the one which Scarlett Johnson adapted to its own beauty. It is like beach waves.

2-) Curtain Forelock Hair Style Model

Last season, baby forelocks were popular. Now curtain forelocks are popular ones among the women’s haircut styles. It is a model that leaves the hair longer and passes through the hair. This model frames the face. Perfect for giving movement to daily practical hair styles from ponytail to bun.

women’s haircut styles

3-) Parisien Bop Haircut Model

This is the favourite model of many women. It makes looks mysterious and charming. Look even more beautiful with dense forelocks. It is one of the trendy models for women’s haircut, especially who have short hair. You may have a quick finish or if you want, you may get a softer look with a volumetric blow dry.

women’s haircut styles

4-) Shagi Women’s Haircut Styles of the 70’s

A model which is layered, scattered and effortless. It was the most famous model in 70’s. Now, it has gained this popularity again. It is a tiny tip for you. If you adapt this model with curtain forelock model, you’ll have a unique appearance.

women’s haircut

5-) Angular Formula Haircut Model

Lob haircut style with quick finish which is popular for years, has become popular by gaining angle. Modern, innovative and minimal, this model will accompany you at any time of the day with a small blow dry.

women’s haircut styles

6-) XL Pixies Women’s Haircut Styles

It is suitable for women’s hair cut for thin hair. If you like short hair, this may be the best choice for you. You may seen differently with this model. Short hair will be seen more beautiful.

7-) Mermaid Women’s Haircut Styles

Although short haircut models have been popular, extra long hair is always popular and faourite. With long-short thufts, minimal fluctuations and solid colours, you may seen quite attractive and beautiful.

womens haircut styles

😎 Voluminous Bop Haircut Model

Voluminous Bop women’s haircut styles is another alternative of parisien model. You can make your hair at full chin level look cool and stylish without styling too much. If you want this model, you should choose a good hairdresser. Because it is too important to cut hair correctly, separate correctly and making correct layers for this model.


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