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Skin Care: 6 Tips For Beautiful Skin


Rosy cheeks, fine pores, an even complexion: what do women with beautiful skin actually do? These 6 tips provide information. What’s the secret? What is the secret for beautiful skin care? Sure, the good genes are of course the ideal prerequisite. But there is also undoubtedly one or the other clever trick that you can take to everyday life to make your skin shine. From maintenance tricks to nutrition: here are 6 tips for beautiful skin!

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1. Skin Care, Deep Care

A mask – specially tailored to the skin type – provides the skin with plenty of care substances. Nice side effect: the effect is immediately visible, which is why you can apply a little thicker before a big performance. The active ingredients can be absorbed particularly well when the pores are open. So put on in the bathtub and mask!

2. Sun Protection

It is undisputed: sun rays age the skin and, in the worst case, can cause skin cancer. Those who regularly use skin care product, should be careful. They may experience skin cancer. It is best to ensure daily UV protection in day cream and / or makeup.

3. Skin Care, Please Massage!

skin care

To get beautiful skin, you should massage the face more often. Before applying make-up, massage the entire face with your fingers in small circles for about three minutes using a rich cream. Then remove the excess cream with a paper towel. The skin is now well supplied with blood, looks plumper and the makeup stays beautiful longer.

4. Maintain Low Fat!

Restraint is advised when it comes to particularly nourishing recipes. Too much fat in the cream creates a good breeding ground for impurities, if there are blackhead-promoting (comedogenic) ingredients such as peanut, sesame or olive oil, pimples are virtually programmed. Wool wax (lanolin) and active ingredients that make it creamy (e.g. methyl alcohol) or some emulsifiers that combine fat and water (e.g. PEG – polyethylene glycol) can also tarnish the complexion.

5. Bon Appetit!

Vitamin A stimulates cell division and promotes the formation of elastic fibers. Carrots, hokkaido pumpkin, broccoli and spinach maintain a good skin care. Vitamin C and E are also friends of the skin because they tighten the connective tissue. Therefore eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as grains and nuts.

6. Skin Care, Less is More!

A porcelain complexion is also available for sensitive skin. The following applies to the cleaning and care of sensitive skin: the simpler the care, the better. Because the fewer ingredients you apply to your skin, the less likely it is to react irritably. It makes sense to use a complete skin care series because the ingredients are optimally coordinated. Those with soothing thermal water are good.


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