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Hairstyles, 15 Perfect Hairstyle İdeas For Summer


Whether your hair is long or short, we have found 15 hairstyles ideas perfect for summer. Make way for hair inspiration!


1-) Summer Hairstyle, The Simple Twist

This summer hairstyle is done very quickly. With a simple barrette allowing you to see your hair anyway, it is possible to style your hair in two stages. Convenient ! And, above all, pretty!

2-) The Summer Hairstyles With Flowers

To give a summer air to your hairstyle, just put a few flowers in your hair as around this simple twist. Choose a garden flower, small or large, to change your look … day after day!


3-) Fine Braids, For A Successful Summer Hairstyle

Instead of making loose, wide braids, you can opt for thin, tight braids that you will tie behind your head. To help you, you can work on your hair still wet.

4-) One Without Braid

If you look quickly, you think these are two braids, but in fact it is only two twists that you tie tightly together. Create waves in the rest of your hair for an effect of great freedom.

5-) Summer Hairstyle, The Light Bun

Here are all the steps to make a simple and easy bun. At the end, don’t forget to create a little space in your bun. This allows for a slightly relaxed look … ideal for summer.

6-) Double Braid

The braids made with the forelock allow you not to have crazy hair in the face.


7-) Trio of Ideas

In this hairstyles, you have a central fishtail (you braid, but with only two strands). You may never have thought of doing one without using all of your hair. Here’s the thing to try! Then you have a totally free part of hair and an ultra long mini braid. The possibilities multiply when you dare!

😎 Hairstyles, Braided Crown

Even with medium-length hair, you can use braids to create a style that recalls your days on the beach … or on the balcony enjoying the sun!

9-) Summer Profile

Opting for a half updo that you will let fall without struggling so that it stays in the air while having the rest of your hair free is a great solution for busy mornings.

10-) Hairstyles, Say It With Braids

The braids make it possible to gather the slightly shorter hairstyles practical when you wear a gradient and also to retain them so that they do not bother you during all your activities.

11-) Audacity Of Freedom

How beautiful your free hair is! Slightly wavy, because you will have left them to dry in the open air, taking care to make them wander with your favorite styling product. Then take your toupee, make a division in the center and surround the wick to make a loose bun.

12-) Hairstyles, On The Side

Yes, more braids! Nobody gets tired of it, especially during the summer! For this hairstyles, bring your hair back to one side and then make a loose braid. The more it is relaxed, the more it smells like summer!


13-) The Octopus Bun

Maybe it’s called it because there are several little legs protruding from your bun. One of the super simple summer hairstyles to make: you will love it!


14-) The Ultra Simple Summer Bun

For fashionable updos this summer, do not over-smooth them. The more they are released, the better they are! So forget about the combs: just wrap the strands and fix them – without a thousand and one pliers – for minimum support.


15-) Hairstyles, Short And Stylish

It can be useful and practical to wear short hairstyles during the summer. Definitely, you will be less hot as well. And in hot weather, you’ll be glad your neck is exposed. But a short cut should not exempt you from styling them in style. Here is the proof!

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