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Cucumber Mask: Home Remedies For Dark Circles

cucumber mask

A cucumber mask can help with various skin problems on the face. In this guide you will find out which variants there are and how you can make the mask yourself.

Cucumbers are no longer only used in the kitchen, but also in cosmetic products. Because cucumbers contain a lot of water as well as vitamins and minerals. Especially with dry skin, you can use cucumbers for your skin care – they provide your skin with a lot of moisture.

Make Cucumber Mask Yourself: The Classic Mask

Make cucumber mask yourself with small slices

You have probably already seen a picture of a woman with two slices of cucumber on her eyes: at first glance, this looks funny, but it really helps.

For a very classic cucumber mask, you only need a cucumber.

1-) Wash the cucumber and cut it into thin slices. Be sure to leave the bowl on because there are valuable ingredients in it.

2-) Wash your face thoroughly with a mild facial cleanser and dry it off.

3-) Then put the cucumber slices on your cleansed face, especially on your cheeks and forehead. If your eye area can also take a portion of moisture, just put two more slices on your closed lids.

4-) Let the cucumbers work for ten to 15 minutes.

Note: We recommend that you buy organic cucumbers from the region. This way you avoid unnecessary pesticides and unnecessary transport routes – good for the carbon footprint.

cucumber mask

Variation: Cucumber Curd Mask

Cool curd is soothing when you apply it to irritated skin. For example, it helps very well in dry places in winter or sunburn. In combination with the cucumber, it ensures fresh, radiant skin. You need the following ingredients:

  • An organic cucumber
  • 3 tablespoons of chilled organic quark
  • A blender

The mask is quickly made and ready to use. Here’s how you do it:

1-) Wash the cucumber and cut it into small pieces.

2-) Then puree the cucumbers very finely.

3-) Mix the curd with the cucumber puree.

4-) Wash your face and dry it. Then generously apply the mask to your face with clean hands and leave it on for at least ten minutes.

5-) Then wash off the mass thoroughly and cream your face with good day care.

Tip: If you don’t have curd at home, you can only apply pure cucumber puree to your face.


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